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Thai Yoga Massage Certification in Miami, Florida

~Introduction to Thai Massage

Thai Intro Class

NCBTMB Provider # 450670-08; Florida State CE Provider # 50-9043; Louisiana State CE Provider # LAP0155

Our two day hands on (12 CE hours) Thai yoga massage training class is a sample of what Traditional Thai Massage has to offer. This Thai massage class is perfect if you just want to incorporate basic Thai bodywork techniques into your work or if you want to try Thai massage before committing to the full Thai Certification Program. It's also a fun way to learn some new techniques while fulfilling your continuing education hours for Florida, Louisiana or NCBTMB license renewal.

Participants will learn how to integrate basic Thai Massage routines into their existing massage practice. You will see how smoothly Traditional Thai Massage can be performed with dynamic flowing and rhythmic movements, full body manipulation, and acupressure techniques. Course fees include the Introduction to Thai Massage Workbook with fully illustrated sequences for Thai massage healing sessions on the mat/ table which participants will learn to perform.

Along with the hands-on techniques, participants will learn the energetic foundations of this ancient approach to bodywork. You will find that this work is particularly suitable for physically active clients with high stress levels. It is both physically beneficial and energetically/emotionally balancing for the recipient, as well as the giver. Though more than 2500 years old, Thai massage has become increasingly well known and requested in the West over the last few years. Whether working independently or in a spa setting, these techniques can help you move to a new levels personally and professionally.

Thai Course Includes:

Thai Massage Intro Class

This Thai Massage Introduction class is for:


Thai Intro Class


Upcoming Thai Intro Course Dates in Homestead-Miami, Florida:

Thai Yoga Massage Intro Class: 12 Florida and NCBTMB CE Hours

Introduction to Thai Massage


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Thai Massage Certification Program


Thai Massage Certification Program in Miami, Florida

* The courses which make up our Thai Certification Program are generally offered over a two-year cycle. A certification as a Traditional Thai Massage Practitioner is earned by completing all 364 CE hours of coursework, 80 hours of hands-on clinics and a final written and practical exam.

There are no pre-requisites for Thai Intro and Thai Massage Level I, and students are accepted without any prior bodywork training.

The Thai Spa protocols can be taken together or separately and provide more detailed and specialized techniques to further enhance your work. Any of the Thai Spa Protocols can be taken in any order with no pre-requisites. Each of these Spa Protocols is as much an art form as a healing modalities and can be incorporated into any modality you already practice.

Advanced Thai and Thai Ayurvedic courses require the basic levels as pre-requisites.

Our Thai Cooking Class - 4 CE Hours, is offered once per year.


One on One Thai Training Program

We also offer 'One on One' specific individual Thai Massage training classes:

Introduction to Thai Massage, Thai Massage level I-IV, Thai Yoga Massage on the table, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, Thai Detox Massage, Thai Facial Massage, Thai Abdominal Massage, Thai Reflexology, Tok Sen, Discovering the Chakra Series.

Some of these private courses can be taken individually with no pre-requisites. Those who wish to complete the Thai certification program must complete all courses.


The Sacred Art of Thai Massage is much more than Massage...

“In honor of our ancient sacred traditions across the globe of planet earth, I am totally honored to be exposed to the Art of Thai Massage and to actually participate in this introductory class. This lets me know that I would definitely be taking the advance classes in the future. I love the multi-dimensional connection to the energy field of the client and the depths of level you can reach esoterically. It’s amazing that you can detect all types of physio-emotional and physical elements that obstruct the flow in mind, body and soul. This is absolutely breath-taking.”

Thai Intro CXlass at Sacred Bodywork

“A journey into oneness,
Soaring above, below, within…
Peace, silence and breath…
Awakening to the depths, to the nuances from the great mystery,
Finding comfort in the unknown.”


Thai Intro Class @ Sacred Bodywork

“Thai Massage for me is learning a deeper level of trust in the universe and in myself. It is the constant unfolding of truth in every moment and a deeper awareness of all that is. It is a vehicle for remembering who we are, and it is as profound for the therapist as it is for the client. It is really a very intimate experience, ultimately, where a connection is created from soul to soul, and it can be non-verbal or verbal as well. Thai Massage is also about creating balance on all levels, but may require an intense journey before arriving at that greater balance and harmony. It requires a loving and open heart and the ability to give and receive graciously in a flowing dance of energy. It is about integrating the harmony and joy that is ours already into our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies even. That Massage is ultimately about connecting and integrating with the highest level of our divinity, evolving ourselves and the world around us, in a way that we are able to live and be in this world in a way that expresses our most profound love and joy and passion fearlessly.”

Thai Intro Class at Sacred Bodywork

“When I went to massage school I knew there were a few types of massage that I wanted to learn A shiatsu, Thai Massage and Lomilomi. The integration between mind, body and spirit is what Thai Massage is to me. It’s healing on many levels that make up a human being. Ironically enough, I’ve incorporated some of the movements from Thai Massage in my work, and not until now did I really know what it meant. Thai Massage is like facilitated yoga, with an awareness of energy channels and pressure points. It’s cleansing and detoxifying not only of the acids in the muscles but also of negative emotions. In these couple of days not only have I learned the fundamentals and origin of Thai Massage, but I’ve also received healing on all levels of existence. I look forward to furthering my studies in Thai Massage.”


2013 Thai Massage Program

Congratulations to our last Thai Yoga Massage Classes!

... A spirit of unconditional love and a wonderful Thai healing community is created and sustained in the spirit of METTA.

See you all in Chiang Mai, Thailand for our Thai Massage Retreat in Paradise!


Thank you all for becoming part of our mission; Namaste!

  Jairo Cardona and Dennis Stovall, LMT’s, NCBTMB

  Sacred Bodywork Founders/ Directors


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