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Thai Facial Massage

Thai Facial Massage Class

16 Florida and NCBTMB CE Hours

NCBTMB Provider # 450670-08; Florida State CE Provider # 50-9043; Louisiana State CE Provider # LAP0155

Our Thai Facial Massage training classes introduce wonderful extra treatments to be able to be offer to your clients.

The Thai Facial Massage incorporates Acupressure Reflexology - Energy Work; Hot/Cold Herbal Compress treatments; and Thai-Ayurvedic neck, shoulders, hear and scalp Massage. The fusion of these massage techniques works on the energetic, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic systems, eases tension, improves blood/lymph circulation, removes toxins from the face and balances energy ki, or life force to improve overall health. Another purpose of Thai Face Massage is to work with face and head meridians and marma points (acupuncture points) to promote balance throughout the entire body.

Participants will learn how to integrate three Thai Facial Massage Protocols into their existing massage practice, rhythmic and acupressure techniques on the face, neck and upper shoulders and how to apply cool stones, hot towels and herbal compress to their clients.

These unique face massage routines will add an Eastern philosophical and technical approach to your Thai massage, and will increase your repertoire of techniques to enable you to effectively provide an invigorating and yet relaxing massage that suits your active, healthy clients who have highly physical, and stress-work demands. This type of bodywork is an increasingly popular and requested modality for health spas, as well as conventional treatments and other Massage/bodywork Therapies.

Participants will be shown:

Class will consist primarily of hands-on demonstrations and hands-on practice.

This Facial Massage Class is appropriate for:

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Thai Facial Massage is much more than massage...


Thai Facial Testimonial 07 01

“Thai Facial Massage for me is the perfect moment to meet people and receive love and give love and beautiful time to renew our life. Especially to be close to the spirit."

Thai Facial Testimonial 07 02

“A beautiful honoring of practitioner and client. It is more than just massage or facial. It transcends boundaries, truly touching all levels of being, crossing time and state of being. This embodies all that I am, honors all facets of me. As an energy worker, crystal healer, massage therapist and esthetician it becomes one and simply a healer.”

Thai Facial Testimonial 07 03

“An amazing spiritual journey of surprising revelations. A feeling of awe and inspiration are continually flowing to me and from me. I feel as if the Divine Universal Love guided me gently into a space my soul was thirsty and hungry to find.”

“A spiritual experience between giver and receiver. When done with proper intent can be healing for both.”

Thai Facial Testimonial 07 03

“Thai Facial Massage for me is love. It’s the ability to give love and to receive love. “

Thai Facial Testimonial 07 06

“The most personal experience I have experienced with myself. It was a summary of my whole body, mind and spirit and their communication to each other. At times relaxing, at times powerfully intense and scary. The sequence by the end of the treatment brought balance and a sense of ownership. A roller coaster ride, just like life. Would not trade the chance to experience it again.”

Thai Facial Testimonial 07 04

“A journey of a thousand words, a thousand emotions, and a thousand sensations. To be able to enter so many realms and access the bounty of joy is all a human could ever dream of.”

Thai Facial Testimonial 07 05

“An amazing connection with spirit, community and the person or client before you, and then in turn it evolves into an amazing connection with yourself!!! It comes full circle.”

Thai Facial Class 07 2013


Namaste and blessings to all!

Thank you for becoming part of our mission.

  Jairo Cardona and Dennis Stovall, LMT’s, NCBTMB

  Sacred Bodywork Founders/ Directors



NCBTMB LogoSacred Bodywork, LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. NCBTMB Provider # 450670-08, and by the States of Florida and Louisiana Boards of Massage Therapy, Florida CE Provider # 50-9043 and Louisiana CE Provider #LAO0155.