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Learn Traditional Thai Massage - Northern Style or Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

CE Workshops, Spa Trainings and International Retreats

NCBTMB Provider # 450670-08; Florida State CE Provider # 50-9043; Louisiana State CE Provider # LAP0155

Expand your knowledge ... Become a Certified Thai Massage Practitioner, or a Hawaiian Lomilomi Practitioner. Learn new Eastern techniques and refresh your skills with our continuing education seminars. Grow your massage business. Explore, learn, integrate, transform your life and the way you do bodywork! Plan your NCBTMB, Florida and Louisiana States Massage Continuing Education credits for 2015-2016 requirements.

Sacred Bodywork offers a variety of massage continuing education seminars and advanced bodywork training both nationally and internationally. Plan your continuing education credits for license renewal, get your continuing education hours, expand your professional practice and be certified in Traditional Thai massage- Northern Style, Sacred Hot Stone Massage and/or in Hawaiian LomiLomi massage - Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. Other Spa Treatment protocols, Eastern massage and bodywork workshops available as well.

Our holistic teaching approach and high level of instruction create the foundation for learning ancient Eastern healing arts. Students will receive detailed instruction in the Nuad Bo-Rarn Traditional Thai massage or in the Hawaiian LomiLomi massage- Hawaiian Temple Bodywork traditions.

The methodical step-by-step training includes fully explained and demonstrated massage sequences, with basic, optional and advanced variations. Students will learn to sense and feel the energy flow and its healing benefits. Emphasis is placed on proper body mechanics, movements, transitions and hands-on techniques for each modality, cautions to observe and specific contraindications for each type of massage. Each student will also have supervised practice of the materials, individual follow up, invitations to free massage clinics and recommendations for future practice.

Sacred Bodywork healing arts classes are designed to provide the best possible hands-on bodywork and massage continuing education programs for all of our students. Our emphasis is on quality massage training, one-on-one personal attention, and the ability to provide each student with the necessary tools he or she needs to perform these modalities to the highest professional standards.

If you are looking for a Thai massage or Lomilomi program and the NCBTMB and the Florida State or Louisiana State continuing education credits for re-licensing, we will provide you the opportunity to learn and practice in any of our holistic massage & bodywork intensive workshop programs or residential retreats.

Discover the wonderful healing benefits of Ancient Thai Massage, Sacred Stone Massage, and Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage- Hawaiian Temple Bodywork.



Continuing Education Massage & Bodywork Training in the USA, Europe and Thailand

Sacred Bodywork offers a variety of choices for your continuing education and the dates below are grouped in sequence for our certification programs so you can choose the classes that work best for you. Explore a new option for your bodywork or dive deeper into something you really like. Either way, make the most of your continuing education experience. 


Thailand Retreat


Thai Massage Residential Retreats to Chiang Mai, Thailand

We are pleased to return for our anual Thai retreat in the home of Northern Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thai Teachers

Sacred Bodywork is honored to continue the Traditional Thai Culture and healing arts lineage and always will respect and honor our Thai massage teachers. Special thanks to our massage mentors: Lek Chaiya (Mama Lek) (R.I.P) and to Jack Chaiya, for being truly inspirational to us.

Traditional Thai Massage - Thai Massage Levels I-II-III

Thailand Retreat

2015 Thailand Residential Retreat:

60 NCBTMB, Florida and Louisiana Continuing Education Hours

Dates: 17-27 November 2015 Chiang Mai, Thailand


Join us for pure bliss and profound personal transformation. All while taking in one of the most beautiful spiritual and natural paradises in the world, Thailand. Explore and unleash your highest potential through daily Thai massage, and enjoy riding elephants in the jungle, exploring the ancient city of Chiang Mai and its temples.


Thailand Retreat


Sign up for this intensive Thai Basic Practitioner Certification Program while soaking in the sites, flavors and spirituality of Thailand. Onle 2 spots available.

Register for Chiang Mai Retreat


Curious about Thai Massage?

Explore this ancient healing art in one of our introductory classes. Participants will give and receive basic protocols and see how healing this work is for the giver, as well as the receiver. Once you experience Thai massage, you will want more!

Upcoming Courses

Plan ahead, save your spot and save...December 31st is early registration deadline for the following programs:

Discovering the Chakras Series - 56 Continuing Education hours

In this monthly series, participants will explore key components of the body's energetic systems. Ancient traditions are based on the understanding of the body as a reflection of the energetic being. Any imbalance in the flow of energy throughout the body creates illness. By understanding the chakras, practitioners can better address common blockages.

Make your deposit of $425 before December 31, 2015 to save your spot and lock in the early registration discount. Early registration price $850, regularly $1050.

Detoxing the Chakras Series - 56 Continuing Education hours

Over time, we clutter the chakras with baggage...painful memories, unhealthy attachments, regrets, doubts and fears. All of this keeps our chakras from working at peak efficiency and leads to imbalance in our lives. In this monthly series, we will delve into these roadblocks to our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Everything is a lesson and when we learn the lesson, we move to the next level of our personal development and evolution. (Requires completion of Discovering the Chakras as a pre-requisite.)

Make your deposit of $425 before December 31, 2015 to save your spot and lock in the early registration discount. Early registration price $850, regularly $1050.

Chakra Series

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Basic Level I - 32 Continuing Education hours

This course provides the basic tools, techniques and framework for the practice of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. This ancient tradition is heart-based, intuitive work that requires the highest level of focused intention from the practitioner. Participants will learn to give a 60-90 minute Lomilomi massage. $700 early registration with $350 deposit before December 31, 2015, $800 regularly

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Basic Level II - 32 Continuing Education hours

Building on the foundations from Level I, this course expands the participant's understanding of energetic anatomy and principles and techniques of touch in Hawaiian Lomilomi. Participants will learn to incorporate this new information to create a session tailored to the key blockages and restrictions of their recipient. $700 early registration with $350 deposit before December 31, 2015, $800 regularly

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Level III - 32 Continuing Education hours

This course further enhances the participant's understanding and effectiveness in this ancient tradition by incorporating shamanic principles and levels of reality into the practice of Hawaiian Lomilomi. Kua Lua back and front Walking. $700 early registration with $350 deposit before December 31, 2015, $800 regularly

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Thai cooking class

Congratulations to out last Thai cooking class!


Thai Massage Program


Traditional Thai Massage Certification Program 2015-2016 in the USA. Study the ancient healing Art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage in our intensive program: 364 NCBTMB, Florida and Louisiana States Massage Continuing Education Hours total. Our program consists of two main components--the Basic Practitioner Program and the Thai Spa Protocols. Most of the courses can be taken individually with no pre-requisites for Thai Intro and Thai Level I. Those who wish to complete the certification program must complete all courses.

Refine your skills, learn a few new tricks, earn CE hours and stay connected with our community of Thai bodyworkers. 80 hours of hands-on clinic is required of all certification program participants.

Thai Intro Class

~Introduction to Thai Massage -12 Florida and NCBTMB CE Hours

Our two day hands on (12 CE hours) Thai yoga massage training class is a sample of what Traditional Thai Massage has to offer. This Thai massage class is perfect if you just want to incorporate basic Thai bodywork techniques into your work or if you want to try Thai massage before committing to the full Thai Certification Program. It's also a fun way to learn some new techniques while fulfilling your continuing education hours for Florida, Louisiana or NCBTMB license renewal.

Participants will learn how to integrate basic Thai Massage routines into their existing massage practice. You will see how smoothly Traditional Thai Massage can be performed with dynamic flowing and rhythmic movements, full body manipulation, and acupressure techniques. Course fees include the Introduction to Thai Massage Workbook with fully illustrated sequences for Thai massage healing sessions on the mat/ table which participants will learn to perform.

Thai Massage Basic Practitioner Program - Level 1 - 92 CE Hours

Instructors: Jairo Cardona & Dennis Stovall, LMTs, NCBTMB

Our Thai Basic Practitioner Program consists of 10 classes taught on the mat. Participants will learn traditional Thai techniques in all four positions--Front, Sitting, Side-lying and Back in the first level. The second level fine-tunes quality of touch, flow and body mechanics, while introducing advanced techniqes and incorporating the use of steamed herbal bundles to create unique customized sessions for each recipient. In Thai Ayurveda, we go back to the Ayurvedic roots of Thai Massage to enhance the session through an understanding of the doshas, koshas and vayus and what they tell us about the proper technique to use for a particular recipient.

Thai Basic Practitioner Program


Thai Massage Basic Practitioner Program - Level 2 - 92 CE Hours

Thai Massage Basic Practitioner Program - Thai Ayurveda- 48 CE Hours

Thai Massage-Spa Protocols Program - 132 CE Hours

Instructors: Jairo Cardona & Dennis Stovall, LMTs, NCBTMB

The Thai Spa Protocols Program is designed to enhance any technique to help create a unique bodywork experience for each client. Each of the courses can be taken individually with no pre-requisites. Together, they allow the practitioner to explore the richness of the Thai traditions and their healing benefits.

Thai Detox Massage

Thai Facial Massage

Thai Foot Massage

Thai on the Table I & II

Thai Herbal Massage

The Thai massage courses which make up our Thai Certification Program are generally offered over a two-year cycle.

Thai cooking classes

We also offer the option of 'One on One', 'Private training in Traditional Thai Massage'.

One on One Training Program


Thai Basic Practitioner Program


Congratulations to our last Chakra Classes!

Root Chakra Class


Sacral Chakra Class

Solar Plexus

Heart Chakra Class

Throat Chakra Class

Brow Chakra Class

Crown Chakra Class


Register for our 2016 Discovering the Chakra Series

Discovering the Chakras: A personal journey of self-discovery.

Heal painful physical, mental and/or emotional ailments which hold you back and deplete your energy; you will leave empowered, self-actualized and motivated to be able physically, mentally and emotionally to manifest your dreams/ goals at personal and professional levels, remaining in the realm of infinite possibilities.

In these seven chakra courses, participants will learn more about their energetic bodies plus properties and challenges posed in each chakra, along with hands-on techniques to address main blockages.

Chakra Courses are offered once per month (on the last Tuesday of the month) in the series to allow participants to digest and process the information before proceeding to the next level. The 2016 schedule is as follows:

  • Discovering The Root Chakra, 23 February 2016, 9.30am-5.30pm
  • Discovering The Sacral Chakra, 29 March 2016, 9.30am-5.30pm
  • Discovering The Solar Plexus Chakra, 26 April 2016, 9.30am-5.30pm
  • Discovering The Heart Chakra, 31 May 2016, 9.30am-5.30pm
  • Discovering The Throat Chakra, 28 June 2016, 9.30am-5.30pm
  • Discovering The Third Eye Chakra, 26 July 2016, 9.30am-5.30pm
  • Discovering The Crown Chakra, 30 August 2016, 9.30am-5.30pm


Discovering the Chakras Series



To reserve your place in the next scheduled Thai massage class, Chakra class,

or in our 2015 Thailand Retreat, please REGISTER EARLY

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Thank you for becoming part of our mission.



  Jairo Cardona and Dennis Stovall, LMT’s, NCBTMB

  Sacred Bodywork Founders/ Directors



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